The Laugh Company

Alex Soper


Male, 26 years old.

Troupe Manager

I've been involved in local theater for 10 years.  I started doing improv at Lumen Christi High School, under the direction of Timm Richardson.  After graduating, Timm Richardson and I started what is now known as The Laugh Company.  We've done shows at multiple venues over the last 6 years and have created what I like to call, "A good thing."  

I am currently in college and am studying for a degree in nursing.  

I took over teaching the improv troupe at Lumen Christi High 7 years ago.  It is the single most exhilarating experience to be able to teach high school students a different method of acting.


Dan Vainner

Male, 25 years old.

I started Improv in 2002 when my best buddy Scotty Kavan dragged me to a practice. Timm Richardson instantly got me hooked. I hate memorizing things so I also started doing stage work. By Senior year Scotty and I were Improv Co-Captains and I was Crew Chief.

Rowing dominated my college career but I still managed to do stage crew for a few shows. I took a small hiatus from theater during my Peace Corps service in Ghana, West Africa but am excited to be back as a part of The Laugh Company.

Currently I work in Higher Education believe it or not.

Adam Woolsey

Male, 25 years old. 
I began singing and acting at a young age and instantly fell in love with it. Throughout high school I was encouraged by Timm Richardson to pursue theater. I immersed myself in just about every theatrical outlet I could find including Improv. I became a versatile standout in many productions throughout Jackson and graduated from Lumen Christi in 2006 as a recipient of the Drama Medal of Excellence.

I went on to pursue my talents more seriously in New York City where I spent a few years auditioning and honing my craft. It was there that I discovered the intensity and devotion required to succeed in the business. I did, however, achieve a great level of success and feel that I am a much better performer and entertainer as a result of the experience.

I am most recently finishing my degree at Michigan State University and preparing for my journey toward becoming an American Idol Contestant in Hollywood, California after winning The American Idol Experience at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida while vacationing with my family. I am thrilled to be a member of The Laugh Company and consider myself quite fortunate to share the stage with such amazing and hilarious performers. I want to thank my family, friends, and fans for their continuous support and inspiration.

Timm Richardson

 Timm Richardson: started doing improv about 25 years ago (before some of these youngsters were born) in Los Angeles. Upon returning to the Jackson area he formed The Immprov Troupe at the Michigan Theater. When he became the drama director at Lumen Christi High School in 1996, he continued his love affair with improv the next year forming The Laugh Co. (LC, get it?). He also was the Host/MC for the Left of Center improv group at The Bon Ton Room. After leaving Lumen in'06, he left the group in the capable hands of Alex Soper. A few years later Alex called and wanted to still perform as did some other former students. Loving that These youngsters had also fallen in love with the genre, he helped Alex assemble the adult version of Laugh Co. These wonderfully funny comedic performers are some of the cream of the crop from the high school troupe. When people are frightened of doing improv you can hear Timm say "You do it everyday. It's unscripted material and no one gives me a script in the morning." Therefor the quote on the back of Laugh Co. T-shirts:
"Life is an Improv"

Garrett McCord

Garrett is an 18 year old graduate from Jackson's, Northwest High School.  He is currently attending Lansing Community College and majoring in theater.  He plans on transferring to Western Michigan University in the fall of 2014.  Garrett first became involved with improv when The Laugh Company's, Alex Soper, invited him to join Jackson Lumen Christi High School's improv troupe in 2010.  After high school graduation, Garrett was asked to join The Laugh Company, and has been a cast member since.  Garrett feels very lucky to be chosen to work with such talented performers.