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African Mango is a rare mango found only in Africa. The scientific name for the extract is Irvingia Gabonensis which is derived from the seeds of the mango. This extract alone has been shown to assist with weight loss and lowering cholesterol. In two randomized trials in overweight and obese humans using Irvingia, participants in the Irvingia group lost on average 5-10 pounds per month compared to the placebo group. Neither group made any lifestyle changes during the trial. They also noted that cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels improved significantly compared to the control group. Our African Mango contains pure / concentrated African Mango to provide the maximum doseage in one easy to take capsule. Our African Mango does not contain any other stimulants or ingredients.

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Benzoyl peroxide has an antibacterial effect. It also has a mild drying effect, which allows excess oils and dirt to be easily washed away from the skin. Benzoyl peroxide topical (for the skin) is used to treat acne. There are many brands and forms of benzoyl peroxide available and not all brands are listed on this leaflet.

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Keppra (levetiracetam) is an anti-epileptic drug, also called an anticonvulsant. Keppra is used to treat partial onset seizures in adults and children who are at least 1 month old. Keppra is also used to treat tonic-clonic seizures in adults and children who are at least 6 years old, and myoclonic seizures in adults and children who are at least 12 years old.

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